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Risk Management

Risk Management

Trigger Breakeven

Trigger Breakeven is price point at which when price reaches, the stop loss level will be adjusted to breakeven point.

The value provided should be between 0 and 1, where 0 is the entry price level and 1 is the take profit price level. Trigger range is between 0.15 and 0.59

Use Trailing Stop Loss

Activates the use of a trailing stop loss, default is set to false.

Minimum Risk to Reward Ratio

The minimum risk to reward ratio is the ratio of risk per trade to the reward expected.

Example: A ratio of 1.5 means for every 1 unit of currency risked, an expected reward must be 1.5 or more units of currency.

This parameter is very crucial when using ICHIMOKU_TPSL as it's used to evaluates the ratio of stop loss to take profit, before a trade takes place.

Maximum Equity Drawdown

Maximum Equity Drawdown is the maximum amount of equity drawdown the cBot is allowed to make before it stops trading.

When this event happens, the cBot has to be manually restarted.

Maximum Balance Drawdown

Maximum Balance Drawdown is the maximum amount of balance drawdown or losses the cBot is allowed to make before it shuts itself down.

When this event happens, the cBot has to be manually launched again.

Cap Number of Trades

This parameter cap the number of trades the cBot is allowed to perform for a given instrument/market. This comes in handy when the cBot is being used in a lot of markets. It allows the user to limit or add more trades for specific instruments. The margin threshold helps in monitoring the overall health of the account.

Trade Limiter


The trade limiter prevents a new trade from being executed temporarily when the smart protection mechanism gets activated.

This has been deprecated because it has been integrated into the core of cBot.