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How it works

How it works

The cBot using a highly sophisticated algorithm to forecast prices. It ranks the signals by an order of which has the highest chance of occurrence using past history as a guide. If the Ichimoku_TPSL is used as the preferred TPSL type, it then analyse the risk reward ratio, it gives a green light when it passes, the order is then pass to a money manager which assess the order with the trading margin to see if the trading threshold has not been exceeded. If a green light is given, the trade manager compares the order's signal tier with an open trade of the same instrument if there is any. It gives the final green light before a trade is executed.

During an open trade, the trade manager analyses the market regularly and adjust stop loss to breakeven when the opportunity avails itself, it secures more profit when the market pushes more towards it take profit. The trade manager may decides to stay in the market if it comes to the realization that there is a potential for more profits by constantly adjusting its take profit.

The cBot signal generator becomes active when price enters an area the cBot defines as a high reward low risk area, when price leaves the zone, the cBot signal generator goes dormant mostly when price is over stretch. During this period it only monitors open trades.

The smart stop protection monitors trades and will close position(s) when it detects a sharp change in equity.

Trading Hours

The cBot signal generator halts when the time is between 20:30 UTC and 23:00 UTC. During this time it only monitors open trades.